‘New Moon’ Doesn’t Beat Batman or Spiderman, But Gets Close


The Twi-hards, as fans of Stephanie Meyers’ series are so affectionately called, came out in droves this weekend to see the latest addition to the vampire franchise, New Moon. After a record-setting midnight release and Friday opening, the film came just short of the all-time weekend box office record set by The Dark Knight in 2008. New Moon‘s haul came in third for all-time opening box office, just behind Spiderman 3. The film doubled its Friday earnings, finishing out the weekend with an impressive $140.7 million.

Overall, it was a huge weekend at the Box Office. Sandra Bullock’s sports drama The Blind Side had an impressive showing, earning $34.5 million. It was largely believed that such a film wouldn’t stand on its own when it was fighting for much of the same demographic as New Moon. However, I imagine that The Blind Side found an audience with older women (who don’t have teenage daughters) and women who could convince their husbands to join them (“honey, this movie has football!”).

Oscar hopeful Precious expanded to 629 theatres this weekend and it broke the $10 million dollar mark, bringing in $11 million and bringing its total up to $21.4 million. Pedro Almodovar’s Broken Embraces opened in only 2 theatres, but still managed to have the biggest opening weekend for an Almodovar film. Its $54 thousand per theatre average eclipsed Twilight to become the highest of the weekend.

Check out how I did on my predictions after the jump…

1) The Twilight Saga: New Moon – $140.7 million
My Prediction: #1 with $120 million

I had one of the higher predictions and I was still off. Never underestimate the power of the fangirl.

2) The Blind Side – $34.51 million
My Prediction: #3 with $21 million

This one blind-sided the apocalypse film. Good for it.

3) 2012 – $26.5 million
My Prediction: #2 with $30.5 million

It didn’t take long for people to tire of the world ending.

4) Planet 51 – $12.6 million
My Prediction: #6 with $11 million

I had the dollar amount close but overestimated its competition.

5) A Christmas Carol – $12.23 million
My Prediction: #4 with $15 million

I finally started feeling in the Holiday spirit this weekend. It still didn’t make me want to see this movie, though.

6) Precious – $11.01 million
My Prediction: #5 with $14.5 million

This could be one of the highest earning Best Picture frontrunners.

7) The Men Who Stare at Goats – $2.77 million
My Prediction: #7 at $4.5 million

There was a huge drop off after Precious this week.

8) Couples Retreat – $1.95 million
My Prediction: N/A

This is definitely a weekend movie. It does poorly on weekdays, but couples come out for date night and bring up its rank on the weekends.

9) The Fourth Kind – $1.73 million
My Prediction: #8 with $3.5 million

Halloween is over and with it, down go the horror movies and up goes the family fare.

10) Law Abiding Citizen – $1.62 million
My Prediction: #10 with $2 million

The Saw wannabe stays in the top 10 for its last weekend.

Look for Twilight to topple the Thanksgiving weekend box office, but with a lot more competition than it had this week.

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