//New on DVD and Blu-Ray: May 29, 2012

New on DVD and Blu-Ray: May 29, 2012

Judging by the tastes of myself and other Film Misery writers, it will probably be commonplace for a classic film to be number one on our weekly list of new DVD and Blu-Ray releases. It won’t be surprising in the least bit if a title from the Criterion Collection receives is on our list each and every week. Such is our plight.

Here are the five new releases that I am most excited about this week:

Top 5 New Releases:

5) Goon (2012)

Sean William Scott and I graduated from the same high school (he was ahead of me by a decade) and so I have had a curious fascination with his career for some time. Being a native Minnesotan, I have a soft spot in my heart for hockey and I have decent hopes for this movie. I am most curious to see if there is any correlation between this story about a hockey enforcer who is put on the ice solely to hit people and the true story of former Minnesota Wild enforcer Derek Boogard, who died of a drug overdose that many believe was caused by a brain injury.

4) True Blood: Season 4 (2011)

Out of all of the vampire series that exist in film and television, there is only one that I genuinely appreciate. HBO’s True Blood is campy good fun and has been a highlight of the Summer for the past several years for me. I no longer subscribe to cable, so I am going to have to find another way to watch Season 5 when it begins on June 10th. This will probably entail finding a friend who has a Cable account with HBO and mooching their login information to use HBO Go. If only HBO was smart enough to offer their service to non-cable subscribers.

3) Coriolanus (2011)

I must now admit that True Blood is the only item on this list that I have actually seen before, which may partially explain my excitement for the other releases. I missed Coriolanus during its limited theatrical run early this year, but I am an enormous fan of everything Shakespeare and so I will certainly be adding this movie to my queue. I am interested to see Ralph Fiennes’ interpretation and how he uses film to tell this deliberately theatrical story.

2) We Need to Talk About Kevin (2011)

I do a bad job of catching up with films that I am unable to see before producing my end of the year top ten list. Since this film did not come to Minneapolis until around March of this year, I had already moved on to seeing 2012 films and chosen to wait until DVD for any remaining films from the previous year. Now that the DVD has finally arrived, I have no excuse to catch up with this drama about a mother’s struggle to deal with her psychologically disturbed son.

1) Summer Interlude (1951) & Summer with Monika (1953)

I have seen about a dozen Ingmar Bergman films and they have all been revelatory. The Criterion Collection this week releases a double feature of two films that pre-date Bergman’s more famous works like Wild Strawberries, Persona, and The Seventh Seal. Being from the Criterion Collection you will of course find a great digital transfer and a film critic essay on each film. Check out the Criterion pages for Summer Interlude and Summer with Monika for more information and trailers for the release.


New releases that I am less interested in are Man on a Ledge, which Justin called a “personality-free sleepwalk” and Gone, which received a paltry 11% on Rotten Tomatoes. Clint Eastwood’s Western The Outlaw Josey Wales also gets its first Blu-Ray transfer this week, which might be worth a look.

Streaming Pick of the Week:

The Kid (1921)

Available on Hulu for Free.

Charlie Chaplin’s first feature length film is endlessly charming and a fun film to re-watch every time the opportunity arises. The story is about Chaplin’s Little Tramp who inadvertently becomes a father when a child is dropped in his lap one day. Despite a life of poverty, the Tramp and the Kid, played by Jackie Coogan, live a happy life together conning unsuspecting passersby and moving from house to house. The film is a testament to the idea that no matter where one is or what one owns, there will always be happiness along as it is with a loved one. The scene wherein Chaplin chases Coogan’s truck down the road with arms outstretched gets me every time. I reviewed the film back during Film Misery’s first marathon. Read that review and for goodness sake, watch The Kid.

Which new DVD or Blu-Ray release are you most excited about?

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