NEW ON DVD: Lots Worth Watching, Nothing New

In a typical early summer DVD release week, there are no DVD/Blu-Ray releases of 2009 films that are worth watching. However, there are some great classic films getting special feature-packed releases this week

Here are Three to See on DVD/Blu-Ray for June 16, 2009:

seventhsealdvd1) The Seventh Seal – Criterion Collection (1957)

Directed By: Ingmar Bergman

This is one of the most appealing releases I’ve seen in weeks. Not only is it a Criterion release of one of the best films ever made, but it also has some of the best special features I’ve ever seen. The biggest of these being an 83 minute documentary titled “Bergman Island” featuring in-depth interviews with the director. There is also audio commentary by Peter Cowie, interviews with Max Von Sydow, and a 1998 tribute to Bergman by Woody Allen among many, many others.

lastholidaydvd2) Last Holiday – Essential Art House (1950)

Directed By: Henry Cass

This classic film starring Alec Guiness as a British workingman who is told by his doctor he only has a few months to live and decides to live his last days to their fullest. Unlike Criterion releases, Essential Art House films are not packed with special features, but they do offer a touched up version of classic films so they can be seen how they were meant to be.


ghostbusterbluray3) Ghostbusters (1984)

Directed By: Ivan Reitman

The cult classic about three hapless men who are in the business of fighting the supernatural gets its Blu-Ray debut this week. This film has inspired many Sci-Fi comedies and continues to be fun to watch. Speculation of a Ghostbusters 3 will probably make this item pop back on the radar again in the near future.


Other Releases that Are Worth Skipping:
Friday the 13th
Tyler Perry’s Madea Goes to Jail
The Cell 2

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  • G1000

    “The Seventh Seal”. What a great movie. Ingmar Bergman is a master.

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