NEW ON DVD: November 10, 2009

DVD/Blu-Ray Picks of the Week for November 10, 2009


upbluUp (2009)

Directed By: Pete Docter

This fantastic animated film from director Pete Docter and the team at Pixar has captured the hearts of adults and children everywhere. The film is incredibly simplistic in its storytelling, which makes it all the more fantastic. The jury is still out, but it is likely that this film will end up as one of my top films of the year (definitely top 3). It stands out as one of the funniest Pixar films in their impressive canon and will undoubtedly be considered a masterpiece for years to come.

monstersincbluMonsters, Inc. (2001)

Directed By: Pete Docter

If any film deserves to be seen in Blu-Ray format it is one of Pixar’s excellent creations. They masterfully combine their animation with gorgeous sound mixing and beautiful visual effects. The latest of their films to get a special Blu-Ray release is Monsters, Inc., a release which coincides with the release of director Pete Docter’s newest endeavor Up. Monsters, Inc. is probably in the top 3 funniest films by Pixar with some pitch perfect voice casting. Billy Crystal delights as Mike Waszowski, the fast-talking, frantic green monster. He is perfectly contrasted by John Goodman as Sully, the big fluffy blue monster whose nothing but heart. If you haven’t seen this film in a while it is a great time to do some rediscovering.


generalbluThe General (1927)

Director: Buster Keaton

It might seem silly to see this classic silent film in Blu-Ray format. After all, it was filmed at a time when high definition wasn’t even on the horizon. However, the film has received a digital remastering that apparently makes checking it out well worth while. The only version of it that I have seen could have definitely used some cleaning up.  I would still hold off on purchasing this one, because it is viewable anytime on Netflix watch instantly.


ballastbluBallast (2008)

Directed By:Lance Hammer

This independent film finally gets its DVD/Blu-Ray release over a year after it was originally released in films. It was very successful among independent film circles last year, receiving Spirit Award and Gotham Award nominations in almost every category. It also won the cinematography award at the Sundance Film Festival in 2008. I’m definitely looking forward to checking this film out, but I don’t plan on buying it because it just became available on Netflix to watch instantly. Gotta love the flix.

uglytruthbluThe Ugly Truth (2009)

Directed By: Robert Luketic

This is one of those films that I haven’t seen, so I can’t honestly say whether it is worth watching or not, but if its 15% rating on Rotten Tomatoes is any indication, I think it’s safe to say skip it. I think this film might have represented an end (or at least a brief hiatus) to Gerard Butler’s romantic comedy tryst as his next slate of films includes action movies and Shakespearean adaptations. However, I have no doubt that the manly Scotsman will return to lady-swooning territory in the near future.

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  • “Up” is indeed a masterpiece. It will certainly be on my list of the best films of the decade (which I will be counting down over the next two months at “Monsters’ Inc” is an excellent film as well. I may have to check out this “The General” as well. It looks interesting.

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