New Oscar Shortlist – 10 Animated Shorts


The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences has announced another shortlist for the upcoming Oscar season. The list of animated short films has been whittled down from 37 to 10 that will move on to the next round of voting. The final number of nominees will be five in this category, so half of the ones below will find their way to the Oscar ceremony on March 7, 2010.

Here are the films in alphabetical order:

“The Cat Piano,” Eddie White and Ari Gibson, directors (The People’s Republic of Animation)
“French Roast,” Fabrice O. Joubert, director (Pumpkin Factory/Bibo Films)
“Granny O’Grimm’s Sleeping Beauty,” Nicky Phelan, director, and Darragh O’Connell, producer (Brown Bag Films)
“The Kinematograph,” Tomek Baginski, director-producer (Platige Image)
“The Lady and the Reaper (La Dama y la Muerte),” Javier Recio Gracia, director (Kandor Graphics and Green Moon)
“Logorama,” Nicolas Schmerkin, producer (Autour de Minuit)
“A Matter of Loaf and Death,” Nick Park, director (Aardman Animations Ltd.)
“Partly Cloudy,” Peter Sohn, director (Pixar Animation Studios)
“Runaway,” Cordell Barker, director (National Film Board of Canada)
“Variete,” Roelof van den Bergh, director (il Luster Productions)

Brad Brevet from Rope of Silicon has compiled a bunch of video previews for most of the animated shorts. Check out the preview for the Wallace and Gromit short “A Matter of Loaf and Death” after the jump and check out the rest here.

[Source: Deadline Hollywood Daily]


  • “Partly Cloudy” was almost as good as “Up’. I love how Pixar has an animated short before every movie. Here’s hoping they don’t change that tradition.

  • I enjoyed Partly Cloudy as much as I enjoy Up! The animation style is brilliant!

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