//News and Links: Back into the Swing of Things

News and Links: Back into the Swing of Things

My internet is back up and running and it’s time to get back into the swing of things. I’m working on a review and a best Chaplin movies article to wrap up the belated Chaplin month. Also, remember TOMORROW is the last day for the Daily Trivia Contest and the race is tight. Even if you don’t have a chance of winning, you can still get your name on the All Time Top 50, which will be updated at the end of this contest.

Anyway, while I work on getting things back to normal, here is a brief news and links update:

  • /Film has the information on the Tim Burton art exhibition at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC. The exhibit is based on the book The Art of Tim Burton, which was published earlier this year. The exhibit will be on display from late November to early April.
  • Rope of Silicon has the latest MPAA ratings. A Serious Man gets R, Ponyo gets G, and the next Ice Age gets a PG.
  • The Dark Knight is getting its HBO premiere this Saturday with much anticipation. Screen Rant points us to this clever TV spot featuring music by “The Pixies.” For non Blu-Ray owners this may not be that exciting, but for those like me with HBO in HD and no HD playing videos.
  • In Contention has posted their user voted top 10 most influential films of all-time list. It looks more like a favorite movies of all-time list than a most influential list, but it’s neat nonetheless.

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