News and Links: Post-Memorial Day List-a-Thon

There is not a whole lot of film news that’s worth adding my opinion to today. However, there are a lot of fun ways to waste time out on the net. Here’s what I’ve been up to:


  • Film Junk has compiled a list of 15 World War II films you should see before seeing Quentin Tarantino’s Inglourious Basterds. It’s a pretty rare list of films. How many have you seen? I’ve only seen two.
  • Topless Robot lists 5 Things comic book movies need to stop doing. It’s an interesting look at comic book films and an entertaining read. I particularly agree with Stan Lee cameos.
  • In Contention has listed their top 10 Pixar films. Somebody comes up with a new list of greatest Pixar every year and they’re always different. It just shows how every one of their movies is worthy of a number one spot (except maybe Cars).


  • Speaking of Pixar, Rope of Silicon has put together a quick and painless Pixar quiz. I only got 6 of 10 correct, but I’m in the majority on that.
  • Empire Online is celebrating their 20th year this year and one way to commemorate it is with a ridiculous time wasting game. It’s a painting with 50 hidden film titles. I found about 30 before getting bored and quitting.


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