News and Links: Wrapping Up the Weekend

Sorry for the lack of activity the past couple of days. I’ve had some family activities that have kept me pretty occupied. Anyway, here’s a wrap-up of what’s going on this weekend:

Film News:

  • /Film reports that Sacha Baron Cohen’s Bruno was recut to prevent offending members of the Hollywood gay community. This doesn’t make much sense to me. It reminds of of Kazakhstan being offended by Borat.
  • /Film also reports that legal woes could prevent Steven Speilberg and Will Smith’s Oldboy remake from getting made. Fans of the Chan-wook Park original can rejoice.
  • Variety reports that country singer and Dancing With the Stars pro Julianne Hough will be appearing in the Footloose remake. Further proof that the film is going to be awful.
  • Variety also has word that Sony has scrapped Steven Soderbergh’s Moneyball, a day before it was supposed to begin production. Soderbergh could be fired to save the project. Sounds fishy to me.


  • The first trailer for Cold Souls starring Paul Giamatti has premiered. It looks like a fantastic film and more proof that Paul Giamatti is one of the smartest, most dynamic actors working today.
  • /Film has the new character posters for Sherlock Holmes. Jude Law’s Watson and Robert Downey, Jr.’s Holmes each have a poster with a tagline. The film comes out Christmas Day.
  • Cinematical has found some Transformers viral ads on YouTube. One of them is embedded below.

Movie Lists:

  • Entertonement has one of the coolest lists I’ve seen: 45 great movie monologues with audio. You can kill a lot of time on there.
  • Obsessed With Film came up with 50 reasons why Ghostbusters just might be the greatest film of all time and one reason why it might not be.

Other Random Film Chatter:

  • Videohound has the 2009 studio report card Focus Features is the best of the year so far. See how the well the rest are doing.
  • In Contention‘s Guy Lodge is covering the Edinburgh Film Festival.

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