‘Nine’ is a Sure Thing for 2009


After the recent acquisition of Tom Ford’s A Single Man by The Weinstein Company, rumors abound that the cash-strapped company was planning on giving that film its main awards support and pushing the much anticipated Nine back to 2010. After all, the Fellini-based musical is scheduled for release during an already over-crowded Thanksgiving weekend, which will make it tough to compete as is.

However, musical fans can breathe a sigh of relief as the Weinstein publicity has announced that such a rumor is not true. HitFix got the scoop from a representative of the company:

“The rumors are untrue.  ‘Nine’ is opening limted on Nov 25 and will continue to expand through Christmas.”

So what does this mean for a studio that now has three major awards contenders?

With the pickup of A Single Man, The Weinstein Company now has three high profile awards-possible films. The Road and Nine are both curiously being released on November 25th. A Single Man is aiming for a December release. Within each of these three films are many competing categories. Most notably each film hinges on a powerhouse leading male performance. The reviews coming in for Ford’s A Single Man cite Colin Firth’s bravura performance as the driving force behind the film. Anne Thompson of indieWIRE calls Firth a lock for his first Oscar nomination.

Nine sends the Oscar favorite Daniel Day-Lewis into a frontrunner spot for Awards consideration. Even though nobody has seen this film, Day-Lewis has all of the Oscar-bait elements going for him: he sings and dances while struggling to find himself. Plus, it’s almost impossible for Daniel Day-Lewis to star in a movie without generating buzz these days.

The Road puts Viggo Mortensen out front with his highly praised performance as a man on the brink of the Apocalypse. He may not be as much of a favorite as the aforementioned actors, but don’t count him out of the race.

The other category that could will see some inner studio competition is Supporting Actress. A Single Man adds the dynamic Julianne Moore to this packed category. David Poland of The Hot Blog thinks that Julianne Moore might be the reason that the Weinsteins bought the film.

Despite the small size of her role, The Road‘s Charlize Theron still has a shot at a Supporting Actress nod. The Academy seems to nominate Theron any time she dirties herself up and this film is a chance for her to do that once again.

Oh, and did I mention that Nine has a few notable Supporting Actresses? The best and most notable supporting actresses that could fit into one movie. Ooh, I just got excited.

So how is the financially struggling studio going to support an Awards campaign for so many great possibilities? It’s unclear how much is going to be dedicated to each performer, but if anybody can pull off a miraculous Oscar campaign it’s Harvey Weinstein. Maybe he has something up his sleeve that we’ve never seen before.

We’ll find out what he has up his sleeve when the films get their release this fall. What do you think of their Oscar chances?

[Source: HitFix]

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  • G1000

    Thank goodness. What is it about these studios, always pushing back release dates? “Shutter Island”, “The Road”, you name it. It’s annoying.

    Watch “Glee” Wendesdays on Fox.

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