November Daily Trivia is Complete! New Month Starts Tomorrow

Congratulations go out to Tralle for winning the November Daily Trivia Contest! Tralle was able to name every single monologue that I posted during the month. ijrichter also got every answer correct, but his final answer came in a bit slower than Tralle. However, ijrichter has further distanced himself from the pack atop the all-time top 50 leader board.

Thanks to everyone who participated in this month’s contest! View the full scoreboard here.

Tomorrow a new contest begins and here is the premise (based on an idea I stole from Scene It):

Casting the Remakes
Each day I will post a few cast and crew members from an original film and a few cast and crew members from that film’s remake. Your task is to simply name the movie (if the original and remake have different titles, give the title of the remake).

The prize for this month is TBA, but I promise it’s going to be awesome.


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