Of the Day – 01.12.10

Read of the Day:

  • As the 2010 Oscar race is still heating up, Brad Brevet looks ahead with 39 potential Oscar contenders for 2011. [Rope of Silicon]

News of the Day:

  • Peter Yates, director of such acclaimed films as Bullitt and The Friends of Eddie Coyle has died this week at the age of 82. [Deadline]

Review of the Day:

  • A hilarious and demeaning pan of Country Strong gets delivered by Dustin Rowles. [Pajiba]

Oscar News of the Day:

  • Seven films have advanced in the Oscar race for Best Makeup. More on this later. [indieWIRE]

Free Movie of the Day:

  • See Victor Fleming’s epic production The Good Earth on TCM tonight at 8:30pm ET/7:30pm CT. [TCM]

Movie Quote of the Day:

  • “Listen, man. You’re my friend, and I know you care about me. And I know you disapprove, and I respect that. But there are some things that I have to do that you don’t understand. You understand literature, movies, wine… but you don’t understand my plight.” — Name the movie?
    Yesterday’s Answer: Funny People (2009)

Picture of the Day:

  • The first official look of Rooney Mara as Lisbeth Salander in the upcoming Girl With the Dragon Tattoo has been posted and she looks absolutely perfect. [Coming Soon]

Video of the Day:

  • What happens when you attempt to subtitle Rooster Cogburn? [In Contention]

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  • Quote: Sideways

    Video: It’s hard to pay attention to the subtitles when you know what he’s actually saying.

  • Jose

    I LOVE her look!

    Also, I am disappointed that Black Swan did not make it to the shortlist for best makeup. There were a lot of people on the EW comments complaining about that ommision and of Harry Potter (which I don’t mind not making the cut)

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