//Of the Day – 01.18.12

Of the Day – 01.18.12

Read of the Day:

  • David Bordwell writes a fabulous piece that I wholeheartedly agree with: the hands can be just as expressive in a performance as anything in the face. [Observations on Film Art]

News of the Day:

  • Brilliant novelist and notorious curmudgeon Cormac McCarthy has turned in his first original screenplay. It will be interesting to see if it’s as good as the adaptations of his books. [Deadline]

Review of the Day:

  • Miss Bala received a limited U.S. release this coming weekend and the reviews are very positive. Karina Longworth compliments the film’s cinematography. [The Village Voice]

Streaming Movie of the Day:

  • If you can’t wait for the DVD/Blu-Ray to come out at the end of the month, you can purchase Drive early on iTunes. [iTunes]

Movie Quote of the Day:

  • “I know a lot of guys who mess around with married women, but you’re the only one I know who robs a place to pay back the husband.” — Name the movie?
    Yesterday’s Answer: Out of Sight (1998)

Picture of the Day:

  • The first photo of Daniel Craig in the upcoming Skyfall makes it look more like a minimalist indie drama than a fast-paced Bond film. [Collider]

Video of the Day:

  • The trailer for the Spanish Will Ferrell comedy Casa de mi Padre looks like ridiculous fun. [The Playlist]

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