//Of the Day – 03.01.11

Of the Day – 03.01.11

Read of the Day:

  • Peter Bradshaw speculates on what may be next for the British film industry now that The King’s Speech has taken the Oscar. [The Guardian]

News of the Day:

  • Quentin Tarantino’s next film will be a spaghetti western that will feature Christoph Waltz. [Ain’t it Cool News]

Review of the Day:

  • David Lean’s Dr. Zhivago has been made into a musical in Australia. Reviews are mixed. [Variety]

Oscar News of the Day:

  • Despite 10 best picture nominees and efforts to appeal to a younger demographic, this year’s Oscar ratings were down 13 percent. [Vulture]

Free Movie of the Day:

  • Best Picture winner of 1950, All About Eve, is on TCM tonight at 10pm ET/9pm CT. [TCM]

Movie Quote of the Day:

  • “In this grave hour fuck fuck fuck perhaps the most fateful in our history bugger shit shit.” — Name the movie?
    Last Week’s Answer: Super Size Me (2004)

Picture of the Day:

  • Lee Unkrich returns to Pixar Studios and shares his Oscar with the whole Pixar team. [Twitter]

Video of the Day:

  • Tom Hanks has “never looked cooler in a movie” than in this clip from his upcoming Larry Crowne. [The Playlist]

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