Of the Day – 08.26.10

Read of the Day:

  • This may be a little indulgent, but I didn’t find anything better – have you seen the 49 movies to see before the 2011 Oscars? [Film Misery]

News of the Day:

  • Disney has withdrawn itself from the Annie Awards for the upcoming season citing disagreements with the way the Awards were handled. [Variety]

Review of the Day:

  • As more reviews pour in it’s looking like The Last Exorcism is a decent horror thriller. Peter Travers says it has “heebie-jeebie goods”. [Rolling Stone]

Free Movie of the Day:

  • Lee Remick is today’s special for TCM’s Summer Under the Stars. Check out her excellent performance as the seductress in Otto Preminger’s Anatomy of a Murder tonight at 10:30 ET/9:30 CT. [TCM]

Movie Quote of the Day:

  • “Well, why don’t you go and tell him you want to be a leper again?”
    “Uh, I could do that sir, yeah. Yeah, I could do that I suppose. What I was thinking was I was going to ask him if he could make me a bit lame in one leg during the middle of the week. You know, something beggable, but not leprosy, which is a pain in the ass to be blunt and excuse my French, sir.” — Name the movie?
    Yesterday’s Answer: My Darling Clementine (1946)

Picture of the Day:

  • Jean-Luc Godard is the recipient of an Honorary Oscar, but no one can find him to tell him. Movieline is trying to help the search by distributing a MISSING poster. [Movieline]

Video of the Day:

  • An official trailer for the Blu-Ray release of Francis Ford Coppola’s Apocalyspe Now has been released and it will tingle the loins of any true movie buff. [Hollywood Elsewhere]

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