Of the Day – 10.19.11

Read of the Day:

  • 13 underdog actors who deserve Oscar consideration this year. [indieWIRE]

News of the Day:

  • Christopher Nolan and Michael Moore have both been inspired by the Occupy Wall Street protests and are planning to set movies there. [Ain’t It Cool News and /Film]

Review of the Day:

  • The newest Paranormal Activity 3 is earning better reviews than the second. William Goss gives it a B-. [Film.com]

Oscar News of the Day:

  • The first Awards screeners of the year have been put into the mail. They are A Better Life and Take Shelter. [Thompson on Hollywood]

Streaming Movie of the Day:

  • Kevin Smith’s Red State came out on DVD yesterday and you can preview it before you buy it on Netflix. [Netflix]

Movie Quote of the Day:

  • “You’re screaming like that over a spider?”
    “Well, yeah. Did you go get the camera first?” — Name the movie?
    Yesterday’s Answer: Scenes from a Marriage (1973)

Picture of the Day:

  • A new poster of The Adventures of Tintin premiered shortly after the movie premiered at the London Film Festival. [HitFix]

Video of the Day:

  • The teaser trailer for the behind-the-scenes Harry Potter documentary gets a teaser trailer. [Total Film]

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  • i think from those underdog actors …. Michael Shannon, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Ryan Gosling deserves Oscar recognition.

  • I think Peter Mullan and Michael Shannon should probably recieve way more accolades that they will. On a female list I would include Kirtsen Dunst, Charlotte Gainsbourg, and Olivia Coleman.

    I bought Red State yesterday on dvd – and I actually LOVED IT! I would highly recommend it.

    I will be seeing Paranormal 3 this weekend and I cannot wait! I liked the first, really liked the second, and hope to love the third.

    • i wasn’t sure i would watch the 3rd part since i thought 2nd one was a bit of a disappointment, it didn’t scared me that much. but the first movie was one of the scariest experiences i ever had i mean i was terrified for days. but i checked on RT, it is getting good reviews so i decided to watch it. Horror is the only genre for me that just grabs me towards itself, i can’t live without horror movies, its a insane obsession. there aren’t many good horror movies around and many of them are bad.

      and since i remember you wrote previously that you liked The Last Exorcism (which i did too), there is another horror movie coming something like that but the preview was really scary called THE DEVIL INSIDE. :)

  • Jose

    I hope that since Take Shelter is one of the first Awards screeners, it doesn’t get forgotten with the other 5,000 other screeners to be sent.

    And the quote is Paranormal Activity.

  • If SPC could get Jackie Weaver a nom, we still have hope for Shannon and Chastain in Take Shelter.

    • Jacki Weaver turned in one of my favorite performances of the entire year last year. I hear Shannon is just as wonderful.

      I think Weaver proved that, no matter the size of the movie or the fame of the actor, if the performance is THAT strong, it won’t be ignored. We can hope this continues!

      • exactly :) i loved her performance in the movie and i really liked Animal Kingdom and when i was making my predictions, i nominated her. she was the best part of the movie for me.

  • i would be rally disappointed if the two performances from Melancholia aren’t recognized, Dunst has the best chance but i will really want to see Gainsbourgh getting a nomination as well. she deserves it such a superb performance. the second part of the movie was where i thought she gave perhaps the most memorable supporting performance of the entire year.

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