Of the Day – Episode 19 – 11.23.09

Read of the Day:

  • Apparently sex doesn’t sell as a new study reveals that nudity or sex in films doesn’t affect their box office. [IFC Independent Eye]

News of the Day:

  • The Fido Awards, which recognizes dogs in films, were announced with Dug from Up taking home a prize. [The Guardian]

Review of the Day:

  • The review embargo for Nine ends tomorrow and reviews for the rest of the “big four” – The Lovely Bones, Invictus, and Avatar – will begin showing up soon. However, Harry Knowles has broke the embargo and posted his thoughts on The Lovely Bones. Take them with a grain of salt, but its quite favorable. [Ain’t It Cool News]

Oscar News of the Day:

  • Mariah Carey has received the Breakthrough Performance Award for her role in Precious from the Palm Springs Film Festival, which is re-igniting discussion about her Oscar chances. I say nay. [Idolator]

Picture of the Day:

  • (After the jump) A slew of Nine posters were released today with styles ranging from classy to downright seductive. [MSN]

Video of the Day:

  • The Road comes out in wide release in two days and in anticipation, an 11-minute featurette is online which features interviews with a thoughtful Viggo as well as members of the cast and crew. [Awards Daily]


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  • I can’t wait to see what the take on “Nine” is. Here’s hoping it’s good (I bet it is).

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