Oscar Ballots in the Mail – Quick, Make Your Case!

An Academy press release announced today that Oscar Ballots have been mailed out to all 5,755 voting members of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts & Sciences. They are to be filled out and returned for tabulation by Tuesday, February 22nd – five days before the Oscar ceremony on Sunday, February 27th. This gives Academy members less than three weeks to come up with a decision about who they are going to vote for to win the 83rd Academy Awards.

Let’s pretend for a minute that voting members of the Academy actually visit Film Misery (I know through e-mail correspondence that one actually does). Here is your chance to make the case for the film, performance, or technical achievement that you would like to see get some recognition at this year’s Oscars. Write a brief paragraph arguing for the one or two nominations that you would like to see turned into victories.

I will start:

Dear Academy Members in the Documentary Branch,

When you receive your voting ballots in the following days I would appreciate if you would fill in your vote for Exit Through the Gift Shop to win Best Documentary Feature. Street artist Banksy is an outsider to the cinema industry and this is his first and very likely last film. He masterfully took what seemed like a very sweet and simple documentary about street art and turned it into a complex and intellectually challenging examination of the very nature of all art from paintings to poetry to film. Banksy uses a tremendous amount of wit and cleverness to beg the question – does originality in art actually exist? Please vote for Banksy.

Alex Carlson

Your turn.

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  • Dear Academy Members in the Directing Branch,

    Before I saw The King’s Speech I didn’t expect anything more than an average period piece. I was proved wrong by Tom Hooper. The film obviously carries an ensemble of great performances along with a great screenplay, but his directing is also what steals the show. As with John Adams, Hooper used his talents to preserve history and to define it for modern audiences. The close-up photography and quick editing techniques allowed for us to be with the character throughout the film, feeling isolated with him through his troubles. Hooper does this and at the same time presents Britain in an artistic way that I couldn’t have imagined. Please vote for Tom Hooper.

    Brandon Cooley

  • Dear Academy Members,

    Quit being so easily manipulated by ads, politics, and other shit and actually vote for what your favorite film of the year was for a change.


  • Jose

    Dear Members of the Music Branch,

    I pretty much have an idea as to who will win the Oscar for best original score, but I’d like to ask you to at least go over John Powell’s How To Train Your Dragon. No other score this past year had such a sense of joyous wonder to it. I mean it was just brilliant, listen to the track “Test Drive” and even when you’re not watching the film you actually feel like you’re with Hiccup and Toothless, soaring through the sky. dodging through cliff sides, just flying basically. Did any of the other nominees do that?
    Please vote for John Powell, thank you.

    Jose S. De Leon

    P.S. Also keep your ears open for Randy Newman’s “We Belong Together”.

  • Dear Member of the Academy,

    Please vote for “Toy Story 3” for Best Picture, because I told you to.


  • Angel E.

    Dear A.M.P.A.S. Members.

    After you read the 5 choices for Best Director,
    please write below the 5th one:
    Christopher Nolan, and circle it,
    or whatever the method is of choosing.

    Thank you.


  • Andrew R.

    Dear AMPAS,

    What Matthew said.

    Andrew R

  • Tony S.

    Go Jackie Weaver – Aussie Aussie Aussie!

  • Renard B.

    Dear Members of AMPAS,

    Do what Quinn said: “Vote “TOY STORY 3″ For Best Picture”!!!!

    Otherwise, I send this ultimatum:
    If you DO NOT award an Animated Film BEST PICTURE by the 90th Academy Awards (seven years from now), then Disney and Pixar WILL BREAK YOU.

    With all due respect,

    Renard B.

  • Dear Academy Members_

    I know Portman and Bening have got the heat. And it’s richly deserved. But please go see Blue Valentine. I’m sure then that you’ll only have one choice and that is to vote for Michelle Williams.


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