//Oscar Predictions 2011 – Best Film Editing

Oscar Predictions 2011 – Best Film Editing

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One of the technical awards that proudly aligns itself with the Best Picture award every year is the Best Editing prize. Six times out of the last ten this award has been given out to the eventual Best Picture winner and the five nominees in this category often align with the five (or ten) Best Picture nominees. Also, throughout the past 20 years no film has won Best Picture without first earning a Best Editing nomination.

This year all five nominees for Best Film Editing also earned Best Picture nominations and following the historical trend the two films that are most likely to duke it out for Best Picture also have the best chances at winning the Best Film Editing Oscar. The Social Network was a critical favorite and much attention has been paid to its impressive filming methods including the tilt-shift cinematography in the rowing scene and the perfectly timed transitions from courtroom drama to flashbacks. Kirk Baxter and Angus Wall just took home the American Cinema Editors Award for Best Drama over the weekend for their work on the film. The ACE “Eddies” for Best Dramatic Film have only been given out for the past 4 years and every time the Award winner has gone on to win the Oscar. This makes The Social Network the clear favorite for Best Film Editing, despite the fact that it is not the favorite for Best Picture.

The King’s Speech could easily spoil the party for The Social Network, however. I’ve mentioned in previous Awards predictions posts that some speculation hints at a King’s Speech sweep in both the major and technical categories. Tom Hooper’s film has been doing very well at the Box Office and clearly has a huge base of support in the United States. If the film really is the most adored of the year it could be in for a Titanic style sweep. It seems like such an event would have to occur in order for The Social Network to lose in this category.

Andrew Weisblum of Black Swan, Jon Harris of 127 Hours, and Pamela Martin of The Fighter all received their first nominations this year. They will have to wait until a future ceremony for their chance to win, however, as their films seem like dark horse contenders peering from the distance. If any of them is to surprise, I suspect it would be Black Swan as the Academy will be looking for an additional way to reward this well-received film than just in the Best Actress category.

Predicted to Win: The Social Network

Potential Spoiler: The King’s Speech

Deserves to Win: The Social Network

Should Have Been Nominated: True Grit

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