OSCAR TRACKER: Predictions Update in All Major Categories

The Wind Rises - Best Animated Feature Oscar Predictions 2014

Much has happened since the last Oscar predictions update, so let us not forestall any longer.

The films getting the biggest bump include Gravity, Captain Phillips, Philomena, and Her. The first two films have received wide releases and earned enough money to get a stamp of approval from mainstream audiences to go along with their critical favor. The former two have played at the Toronto and New York Film Festivals respectively and been widely acclaimed by the critics present. Philomena was less buzzed than Her, but the Stephen Frears film seems to be the type that the Academy’s older voting contingent will adore.

The films getting big declines include The Wolf of Wall Street, which may not even be released in time for awards consideration this year, and Labor Day, which received only tepid reviews during its festival run and does not seem likely to follow in the footsteps of Jason Reitman’s most loved films.

Oscar predictions are updated in all major categories with Animated Feature, Documentary Feature, and Foreign Film now added to the list. Check out all of the categories and current predictions:

Apologies for the brevity of this post, but I will have more detailed thoughts on all of the categories next week.

In the meantime, what films or performances do you think are the locks so far this year?

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  • You seem pretty confident in ALL IS LOST. I don’t think it will get the love in Picture/Director category but in acting only. No idea about its tech-possibilities.

    Picture is between 12 Years a Slave and Gravity.
    Male Lead I think is between Ejiofor and Redford.
    Female Lead is between Blanchett and Bullock.
    Not seen the movie but I am confident in Lupita Nyong’o winning Supporting.
    Fassbender’s recent announcement may/may not hurt his chance but if it does than my money is on Leto all the way.
    Original Screenplay category is very interesting this time. Allen/Coens might win.

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