Oscar Visual Effects Category Expands to Five Nominees

It’s that time of year again when the Academy convenes starts voting on new rules for the upcoming Awards season. I doubt that this year will bring us anything as dramatic as last year’s change from 5 to 10 Best Picture nominees, but there’s always a possibility.

The first change for the 2011 Academy Awards was announced this morning and it has to do with the tech side of the Oscars. The Best Visual Effects category will  be expanded from the usual 3 nominees to 5 nominees. This change has been approved by the executive committee of the Motion Picture Academy and now must be approved by the Awards Rules Committee and finally by the Board of Governors.

This move would further help the Academy’s effort to have more popular films nominated and bring in a larger audience. There was a lot of controversy over this change within the visual effects community with some fearing that with more mainstream popcorn movies in the mix, the most cutting edge films won’t necessarily get the Oscar. Miles Perkins, director of marketing & communications for Industrial Light & Magic, says that can be fixed:

I think at times you can see that happen in any category. But I think that’s a separate issue. That’s an issue of making sure the voters are educated as to where the contribution is.

I have always thought that it didn’t make sense why the Visual Effects categories limits itself to only three, especially with an expanded Best Picture category. More and more films are relying on heavy visual effects and it only makes sense to expand the category to accommodate them. Will this mean more nominations for awful films like Pirates of the Caribbean X or Twilight? Probably, but the movie buff inside me says that when it comes to the Oscars, the more the merrier.

[Source: Variety]

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