Other News 5/7/09 – Star Trek boom/debate and more…

News and Links for May 7, 2009

  • Nikki Finke reports that 81% of all Fandango online ticket sales for the weekend are going towards Star Trek. I guess we can expect a huge weekend for that film and a huge drop off for Wolverine.
  • Jon Favreau is on Twitter and he is updating live from the set of Iron Man 2. My favorite tweet so far: “Scarlett’s first day on set in the Black Widow outfit. You’ve never heard a crew get so quiet so fast.”
  • Kris Tapley of In Contention has reported that producer/director Mark Rocco has died at the young age of 43. He directed Murder in the First and was slated to get back in the directors chair within the next year.
  • Maxim has posted a photo album of the “Geek Goddesses Through the History.” Girls that have gotten nerds excited for decades.
  • Empire has reported that Brett Ratner is no longer directing the Conan remake due to time conflicts. Maybe it’s a sign that the movie should just not be made?
  • Finally, a movie that has jumped on to everybody’s radar after the release of it’s fantastic trailer, District 9, has just gotten a poster. You may gaze at it below.

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