//Pixar’s ‘Brave’ (2012) Gets Yet Another Trailer

Pixar’s ‘Brave’ (2012) Gets Yet Another Trailer

Unless you’ve been stranded on a post-apocalyptic planet cleaning up trash for the past 700 years, you probably knew that Pixar has a new movie coming out in June called Brave. But just in case you didn’t know – silly you – the relentlessly effective marketing team over at Disney has just released its third theatrical trailer for the movie (fourth if you include the initial teaser).

On its own, there’s little to this most recent Brave trailer to get me personally excited; all it really took too sell me on the movie was seeing the “Pixar” logo attached. But if you compare this trailer tonally to each one preceding it, it doesn’t exactly take a marketing major to understand why Disney saw fit to release another one.

The purpose of Brave‘s teaser trailer is prevalent enough: to entice prospective moviegoers just enough to want more. Its first full-length trailer fairly is nakedly selling the movie’s most distinctive quality: that it is Pixar’s first film centered around a female protagonist, a Scottish maiden named Merida. Its second trailer, essentially a two-and-a-half minute clip of the movie with presumably minimal cuts made, serves as the strongest indicator of Pixar’s imprint and sensibility. As a piece of marketing, it’s possibly my favorite of the bunch.

With those trailers seemingly reaching out to more specific audiences – Pixar aficionados and moviegoers eager to see female-driven blockbusters – this most recent Brave trailer is decidedly edited to appeal on a much broader level. With a greater focus on the film’s physical comedy, the pratfalls of Merida’s family and the amusing designs of the numerous side characters populating the movie, the main point of this trailer seems to be to assure the masses of how amusing and family-friendly a babysitting tool Brave will surely be.

Had all I known about Brave come from this new trailer, I doubt it would have registered with me as a movie worth seeing. Sure, the animation is stunning, but it essentially feels cut together to resemble a Dreamworks animated movie. To reiterate, though, Brave didn’t actually need this trailer to convince me to buy a ticket on opening night; it had me at “Pixar.”

Brave opens in wide release on June 22. Does this new trailer – embedded below and available here – get you any more excited to see it?

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