//POLL: Favorite Cinematic City?

POLL: Favorite Cinematic City?

Apologies for the lack of posts today, but I have been exceedingly busy trying to get things wrapped up at work before I leave for my Paris and Rome excursion next week. In the weeks leading up to the trip I have had thoughts of great Parisian and Roman cinema on my mind and been thinking about all the great films set in each of those cities. I thought this pondering would lead to a good poll question – what is the best cinematic city?

Think of places that are so omnipresent in films that the city becomes a character itself. I chose five cities that I think of when I think of movies and selected three films from those cities that exhibit their location well. Don’t vote on the films selected, but on the city and be sure to share your favorite movies that are set in that location. If your choice is “Other” be sure to explain in the comments!

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