Poll Results and New Career Appreciation Poll

Unsurprisingly, two thirds of you who voted believe that Pulp Fiction is Quentin Tarantino’s best film. Reservoir Dogs came in a distant second with 21% of the votes. No other of his films got higher than 10% of the vote with Jackie Brown and Death Proof not getting a single hit. I’m curious where you all think Inglourious Basterds fits into the mix.

There is a new poll up concerning Career Appreciation here at Film Misery. You’ll notice that it is similar to last month’s poll. I’ve developed a new formula for choosing the Career Appreciation, which I will explain after the jump:

From now on I will be selecting four people from the film industry that I would like to focus on for Career Appreciation and letting you vote on who it should be. When one person gets selected, they are taken off of the list and that spot is replaced next month. Each person stays on the list until they are selected. I realize that Sven Nykvist will probably be there for a while, but the more people return to this site the more opportunity they have to vote. You will also notice that each person has a title after it. Here is how each of the four poll spots will work:

1) Actor or Actress (i.e. Fred Astaire)

2) American or English Director (i.e. Robert Altman)

3) Foreign Director (i.e. Sergei Eisenstein)

4) Other Film Crew Member – Writer, Cinematographer, Editor, Composer, etc. (i.e. Sven Nykvist)

If you want to suggest somebody, feel free to contact me. Now go vote!

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