POLL RESULTS: FM Readers Go to Bed Early


According to the latest poll, 41% of you go to ZERO midnight screenings a year. I’m guessing that probably means you’re either catching the film the next day or over the opening weekend. A surprising 9% of you go to 6 or more midnight showings a year. That’s impressive.

I’m of the camp that attends 1 to 2 midnight showings a year. So far this year it has been Transformers 2 and Harry Potter 6, and I don’t anticipate any others looking ahead at the film season to come.

NEW POLL: How many new movies do you see a year?

  • Owen

    Liar. You also saw Wolverine at midnight.

  • Oh snap! I totally forgot about that! It happened in Morris, so I probably intentionally pushed it out of my memory.

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