Poll : This Season’s Best Actor Franco vs. Firth

After reading reactions from Telluride let’s have some fun with the news coming from there. As reviews have indicated Colin Firth and James Franco seem to be strong contenders for this season’s best actor accolades.

I have to say that the prospect of another awards season run for a movie about a British monarch does not excite me at all, but I’ll give “The King’s Speech” the benefit of doubt since the reviews are excellent so far.

I’m much more excited by Danny Boyle’s “127 Hours”, which sounds like nothing we’ve seen before. And it provides James Franco with the chance to hold a movie and its audience on his own a la another Oscar nominee, Tom Hanks in “Castaway”. It’s a true story whose charismatic real life person is charming and looks to be available to do the talk show rounds. In addition to the ecstatic reviews, this sounds like a recipe for a sure fire nomination.

Based on what you’ve heard and seen who do you think has a better shot at a nomination? Of course it’s likely they’ll both be nominated, but it’s fun to speculate. Tell us in the poll by clicking on the link below or hit the comments.

  • Colin Firth (The King's Speech)
  • James Franco (127 Hours)
Created on Sep 5, 2010

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  • Jose

    I’m pretty sure that both of them will get nominated, but I’d give the edge to Franco, I’m not putting anything past Firth after “A Single Man” though.

  • Mike

    I think that Firth will not only be nominated but that he basically has this Oscar in the bag.

  • Xavi Rodriguez

    I think both actors are sure bet for nominations. Now the principal question is: Both actors are becoming like Hoffman vs. Ledger in 2005?

  • If it comes down to the performance being great, and puts them both neck and neck for the Oscar, they will give it to Firth. I believe this because Firth has been nominated in the past and is older, they will feel he has earned it while Franco has the rest of his young life to deliver other great performances.

  • sooip

    I agree with Matthew – Firth has gone unnoticed too long for the Oscar to pass him by. Franco just started his career (relatively speaking) and will have plenty more opportunities to prove himself. SO, unless 127 Hours turns into the biggest box office smash of the century, I don’t think Oscar “politics” will favor Franco. Plus, admit it, we’d all feel really bad for Firth if he lost to Franco after working so hard at his roles over the course of his career. It’s either Firth wins the Oscar or neither wins the Oscar.

  • Andrew R.

    Firth. Franco’s parts in Howl and 127 Hours may split votes.

  • I doubt it Andrew. “Howl” hasn’t been getting that many great reviews, so I’d say his soul contender is “127 Hours”. I still put the edge on Firth to win, as he’s a much greater actor and “The King’s Speech” has gotten beyond spectacular reception from Telluride.

  • I still think it’d be good to see Franco get a nod. Which he will more than likely get at this point. He is one of those few actors that i’m going to enjoy watching how he grows as an actor throughout the years…much like Emile Hirsch, Josh Peck, ect.

  • Davin

    I think they will both get nominated for these respective roles, (I don’t think Howl will gain much attention) but I think Firth has way stronger prospects over all.

  • I don’t think ‘Howl’ will be Oscars type of movie. I think it will by MY type of movie, but probably doesn’t have much Oscar hopes.

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