//POLL: To Which Streaming Services Do You Subscribe?

POLL: To Which Streaming Services Do You Subscribe?

One of the new columns beginning this week on the new Film Misery is a streaming guide. The idea behind this column is to choose a genre, filmmaker, actor, or other uniting theme and list the movies that are available almost immediately for instant streaming. These days more great movies than ever are available for digital rental or purchase on one of the major sites – iTunes, Google Play, Amazon, VUDU, etc. These sites tend to have pretty similar titles based on new release schedules and partnerships with the major studios.

However, the subscription streaming services are often quite a different story – Netflix, Amazon, Hulu, HBO, FilmStruck, and others all have great movie selections that rarely overlap with one another. The trend towards exclusive releases and original productions has made a membership to at least one or two of the major streaming outlets all but essential for a movie fan. Netflix, for instance, has a particularly busy Fall with potential award contenders like Alfonso Cuaron’s Roma, the Coen Brothers’ Ballad of Buster Scruggs, Paul Greengrass’ 22 July, and Tamara Jenkins’ Private Life all coming to the streaming service.

This week’s poll wants to know which streaming services you consider essential and support with a subscription. There are a few of the obvious options built-in to the poll, and likely a few that you use that aren’t listed here. Personally, we subscribe to Netflix, HBO, and Hulu (we get an ad-supported version free with our Sprint plan). These are worth the price and get weekly use by our family for movies and television (we ditched cable years ago).

Which do you use? Answer below and share any thoughts or reasoning the comments or on Twitter!

To which streaming services do you subscribe?

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