//POLL: What Do You Think of Brett Ratner and Eddie Murphy Quitting the Oscar Telecast?

POLL: What Do You Think of Brett Ratner and Eddie Murphy Quitting the Oscar Telecast?

Over the past several years it seems that more of the Academy’s major decisions have been greeted with criticism and skepticism rather than praise. There was confusion when they increased the number of Best Picture nominees to ten, annoyance when they refused to solidify rules for Best Song and Foreign Film, and general apathy when they changed the number of Best Picture nominees to an arbitrary number between 5 and 10. However, some of the biggest controversy has surrounded the handling of their telecast.

Earlier this year it was announced that action comedy director and over-confident loudmouth Brett Ratner would be producing the 2012 Oscar Ceremony. Ratner promised to live up to the prestigious standards of the occasion and shortly after announced the hiring of Eddie Murphy as the host for the annual event. Never one to hold his tongue, Ratner caused controversy over the weekend when he responded to a reporter’s question about rehearsals with the trite and telling statement: “rehearsals are for fags.” Outrage across the internet erupted followed by calls to have him fired from the Oscars. On Monday, the Academy made the baffling announcement that they would not be firing Ratner because he was willing to apologize for the statement. One day later, Ratner resigned.

Questions began swirling about what effect this would have on Eddie Murphy as the show’s host, and unsurprisingly it was announced within 24 hours that he would also be stepping down. A few hours after that it was announced that Oscar winning producer Brian Grazer would be stepping in to fill Ratner’s vacancy. The whole ordeal has dominated almost all of the coverage on Oscar sites over the past two days and has inspired this week’s poll question: What do you think of Brett Ratner and Eddie Murphy quitting the Oscar telecast?

I have a feeling the results will be no surprise and that one option will dominate the rest. I am also curious to know who you would like to see replace Eddie Murphy as the new host. I stated on Twitter that I think Bridesmaids‘ Melissa McCarthy would be an ideal candidate and I make my case on this week’s Film Misery Podcast. Share who you think would be a good replacement along with any thoughts you have on Ratnergate in the comments.

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