POLL: What is your favorite found footage movie?

During last week’s podcast discussion of Project X and Chronicle, both Justin and I agreed that found footage movies are here to stay and that the style has now established numerous conventions to the point where it can now be considered a genre of its own. The genre has been going strong for over a decade with many examples of good found footage and even more examples of bad found footage. For this week’s poll, we are leaving it up to you to decide which movie is the best.

Vote below for your choice and be sure to share your reasoning in the comments. Your answer could be read on next week’s Film Misery Podcast!

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  • The found footage genre is one that has the tendency to be rather winded, especially at this point. However, I will say that the ones that did it first did it best. “Cloverfield” was rather intense and crafty when it needed to be, but the title has to go to “Blair Witch Project” from my perspective. Overblown and packed with predictability? Sure, but it is an undeniably blood-curdling experience, and it uses the gimmick to the best effect. The single shot of the top half of her face, as overly saturated in our memory as it may now be, remains one of the most skillful horror shots in recent memory.

  • It’s definitely between The Blair With Project and Cloverfield for me.

  • Jose

    I know its too early, but I really want to say Chronicle, not just because its really good, but because when all other found footage movies are horror movies, its refreshing to see one that proves that found footage isn’t just for horror, but it can do several other genres.

    So, I guess I’m going for REC.

  • Will

    I am starting to think I may be more than slightly over this genre/gimmick. My favorite on this list has to be Trollhunter although I have a hard time explaining just why. Perhaps the uniquely Scandinavian feel plus the fact that you actually get to see the monsters?

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