//POLL: What is your favorite horror reboot?

POLL: What is your favorite horror reboot?

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We’ve got reboots on the mind around here at Film Misery – not only because we just relaunched our site with a new look – but also because remakes of films like A Star is Born and Suspiria are headed to theatres soon. Since October is the month of scary things, we decided to focus on horror reboots to narrow things down.

The past two decades have seen a massive swell of new horror remakes with everything from 1970s slasher films to Japanese horror franchises being remade. Several now-prominent directors kick-started their career on horror reboots (Zack Snyder, Dawn of the Dead) and several exciting talents have taken on a remake project to show the breadth of their skills (Gore Verbinski, The Ring).

For this week’s poll we offer a variety of horror remakes, spanning over four decades. Will you go for a solid remake of a well-loved classic like 2007’s Halloween? Or a cult favorite that may be more well-known than the original like 1986’s The Fly? Or is there a film that didn’t make our list that you’d like to add? (Use the Other option and add it.)

Horror Reboots Poll: Vote Now!

What is your favorite horror movie reboot?

Poll closes Sunday, October 8th.

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