POLL: What Would You Like to See Improved About the Film Misery Podcast?

Film Misery PodcastAs I announced on the most recent episode of the Film Misery Podcast, I will be taking a short break from the podcast to focus on my personal life and some behind the scenes work on the website. In the meantime Phil Kollar will be recording a few episodes with guest hosts that he has lined up.

Phil and I have been doing the podcast for over a year and have thoroughly enjoyed the time we spend on it. We have maintained the same format since we began, which consists of reviewing a new release at the top of every episode, followed by an intermission, and finally a second segment that can be a list, interview, or second review. When other people provide feedback about the podcast the number one thing we hear is a desire for consistency. Sometimes 2 or 3 weeks might pass between episodes while listeners send frequent requests asking for an update. The main reason for this gap is usually not because Phil and I don’t have time to get together and record, but because one of us did not yet see the movie we are planning to review.

With Phil and my increasingly busy schedules, it is becoming more hard to get out to the cinema and see the same movie every week. One of the format changes we are looking into is removing the obligatory new release review. We are not going to refrain from reviewing new releases altogether, but fewer required trips to the cinema will allow more time to discuss movie news or review a classic film. As for other changes, we want to leave that up to the listener.

What changes would you like to see in the Film Misery Podcast? You may select all of the options below that apply, or if it is something else you have in mind please specify in the comments.

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  • How about More Daily Trivia …. contest or not i would really love that :D

    • Oops! i mean that for the site.

      But i voted for More Classic Movies Reviews, More Oscar/Movies talks and Lists for Podcast!

  • I’d love to hear more topic-based/thematic discussions that may or may not line up with a new release, and could take advantage of guest hosts with different areas of expertise. Topics like the challenges of literary adaption, the directorial gender-gap, queer representation in film, etc. would be really interesting to me as a listener. I guess I’m in favor of discussions that move past “this movie: like or dislike and why” to conversations about the medium and its potential. Movie lists sometimes do this well by grouping films based on some particular aspect, but I’m less interested in ranking than in investigating movies’ impact on and reflection of society.

  • Jose

    More nonsense!

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