//POLL: Which of These Statements Best Describes Your Feelings About ‘Anchorman 2’?

POLL: Which of These Statements Best Describes Your Feelings About ‘Anchorman 2’?

Last Wednesday on Conan Will Ferrell donned the thick mustache and 1970s attire of his character from Anchorman, Ron Burgundy, to announce that a sequel to the popular comedy film was in the works. Immediately fans flocked to Twitter and various other social media outlets to express their excitement, outrage, or general malaise regarding the announcement. Since everybody seems to have an opinion, we want to hear yours.

Phil and I discussed our initial feelings about an Anchorman sequel on this week’s podcast. While he was leaning more towards optimistic, I was more apathetic about the news. I quite enjoyed Anchorman the first time I saw it, largely because it came at an early time in Will Ferrell’s career. It was one of his first leading roles and it allowed him to firmly establish his stock character as an over-confident, yet unintelligent man-child who blurts out a large vocabulary of words that often do not make sense. It’s an amusing shtick, that he has since re-used in most of his film appearances. I am afraid that the novelty of it might have worn off by the time we see Anchorman 2.

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