POLL: Which of These Summer Blockbusters Are You Most Anticipating?

Brave (2012)

On this week’s Film Misery Podcast I shared that for the first time in a while it is actually the blockbusters that I am anticipating this Summer more than the independent films. Huge profile titles from well respected filmmakers are on their way and I am eagerly awaiting many of them.

If I had to choose one blockbuster that I am anticipating this Summer more than any other, it would have to be Pixar’s Brave. It has now been two years since the last great Pixar film and three years since their last original story, which seems like a gruesomely long wait for an animation studio that had been so consistent. Summer for me is never quite complete without a solid Pixar film and all signs indicate that Brave should be a great one for them. Not only is it their first film that features a female protagonist, but it also seems to show a lot of love for gingers, which are my people. I cannot wait to see it.

Which blockbuster film are you most anticipating this year? Vote in the poll and share your thoughts in the comments!

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