‘Precious’ Post Sparks Race Debate

Sasha Stone from Awards Daily recently posted my article 6 Reasons Why ‘Precious’ Will Be Nominated for Best Picture and it has sparked an intense debate about race and movies in America. A lot of the initial responses were very anti-Mo’Nique because her body of work at this point has been less than commendable. the_movie_guy wisely points out:

to sit here with a straight face and say Mo’Nique being nominated for an Oscar is just somehow “not right” is just plain stupid. Why? Because she’s a fat, black comedian that’s starred in alot of dumb comedies before she got a chance to play a role she could really sink her teeth in. It’s just bogus. The facts that Afrika and Keyshia raised are relevant. There are not many roles for black actors and actresses to get, so if Soul Plane comes calling offering a check, then Mo’Nique or any other struggling black actor would be a fool not to take it. Bills must be paid and last time I checked they don’t pay themselves.

The post has 188 comments and counting so check it out and add your voice to the discussion.


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