Prequel to ‘King Kong’ in the Works


You knew this would happen. One of the greatest films of all-time is getting a movie prequel. King Kong has been re-made several times since the original 1933 release, but it has never received the sequel or prequel treatment. Until now.

Spirit Pictures has announced that they will be adapting the book Kong: The King of Skull Island written by Joe DeVito and Brad Strickland. The book focuses on the backstory of Skull Island, how it became inhabited with wild creatures like dinosaurs, insects, and giant gorillas. That’s right, “gorillas” is plural. Apparently there were other enormous primates on the island that we will find out about in the film.

The film is going to be produced using motion capture technology in the same vain as Robert Zemeckis’ Polar Express and Beowulf. Spirit’s own facility will be doing the CG work.

My question is, how is there going to be any dialogue? Will only the animals be featured, or will we get an insight into the human inhabitants and how they deal with their environment? Will Kong talk?

This is another example of studios running out of ideas and so instead ruining something that we have all come to know and love. The fact that Kong’s origin is a mystery is one of the main reasons that the story is so interesting. There is absolutely no need for this film.

It makes me wonder what’s next? A sequel to Citizen Kane? Prequel Lawrence of Arabia? Wouldn’t surprise me.

[Source: Variety]

  • G1000

    The original “King Kong” is one of the most overrated movies of all time. “Great” movies must withstand the test of time. Films like “Duck Soup” and “His Girl Friday” do. The original “Kong” is extremely dated, with primitive visuals and terrible acting by Fay Wray. The 2005 remake is a great movie, epic in every sense of the word. Naomi Watts actually acts (whereas all Wray did in the original was scream). There’s no comparison. I do agree with you that they should not be making a prequel. What’s the point? But don’t be so quick to judge. It might be terrific (though I doubt it).

  • I haven’t seen the original, which bugs me a little (although not enough to do anything about it immediately).

    I’m not sold on the 2005-version being “great”. It was entertaining, but some of the action scenes – while impressive visually – seemed too long and a little redundant.

    The scene with the bugs, in which seemingly Jackson wants to show off what technology has afforded him to do, seemed to last 30 minutes and after a while…was borderline annoying.

    Naomi Watts did a fantastic job, but I expected more from Brody. Maybe the character was limited at times, but his eyes aren’t enough for me to convey his character’s struggle.

    As for Jack Black, it was an admirable effort, but I feel the past was miscast. I think Jackson wanted to prove he could do it with Black, but the performance was a B (at best), when it needed to be an A.

    I wonder if the same will be true about Mark Wahlberg, in a brutally tough role, in the upcoming Lovely Bones. I realize Ryan Gosling might’ve been too young or perhaps not what Jackson wanted, but – as much as I root for Wahlberg (and loved him in Boogie Nights & Three Kings – I think Jackson might be mis-casting Wahlberg, as he did Black.

    I have little to no interest in a prequel, just as I have little to no interest in Zemeckis’ “CGI” affairs. Polar Express and Beowulf barely interested me as it was, audience intentions or not, and a similar CGI isn’t helping. He’s such a talented director, even if his best work may be behind him, who shouldn’t be avoiding his once near-perfected forte.

    I rambled quite a bit. I’d also like to add that everyone who can should see The Hurt Locker, easily 2009’s best thus far (and unlikley to be topped). Renner and Mackie were phenomenal, although I fear they’ll be ignored awards time.

  • G1000

    Indeed, the bug scene and the scene with the natives were pretty awful. Everything else, on the other hand, was fabulous. I realize I’m in the minority on this, but I liked “King Kong” better than any of the “Lord of the Rings” movies. And I just finished reading “The Lovely Bones”. Bottom line: pretty good book. But the movie could be fantastic.

  • I didn’t know 1 thing about LOTR before they came out; however, they’re fantastic movies. I’m not gaga over them; yet, they’re spectacular epics.

    The major advantage was, of course, shooting them simultaneously. Genius move from New Line, Jackson, and everyone else.

    I liked Kong, but can’t rate it above LOTR. Although each of them has a few flaws for me:
    1) Fellowship is a great narrative, but it’s a little doughy, long (duh), and action-less until the very end.
    2) Two Towers is nonstop action, but the idea of dread and peril is a bit much. They also idiotically showed Gandfal’s return in the trailers. I understand why, but was it necessary for those of us who hadn’t read the book?
    3) The 3rd one had the ending everyone wanted, Sam was a badass, Frodo a sissy (ring or not), and yet…it took an hour-plus to end. That’s a lot of ending, cut scenes or not.

    Lovely Bones was an extremely solid book. The movie could be unreal, especially with the concepts of “Susie’s heaven”. I read an early script review (if that is even legit), and Stanley Tucci’s role is expanded. That’s good and bad. It needs to be Susie’s book, not Susie and George’s from different aspects. Man, I worry about Wahlberg in a brutal roll. Although Weisz (so underrated, despite a well-deserved Oscar for an unappreciated movie, The Constant Gardener) and Sarandon will be stellar.

    Lovely Bones, since I’ve now seen The Hurt Locker, is my most anticipated film of the year. I haven’t seen Heavenly Creatures. That will change before the release of Bones.

    I just finished reading Shutter Island. I am not pumped for the book. Although anyone who is propping up the role for Emily Mortimer must realize how tiny her character is actually in the book.

  • “I am not pumped for the book”. I have no Earthly idea what that means.

    I AM PUMPED FOR THE MOVIE and liked the book.

    That’s better.

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