Producers Guild Follows the Ten Trend

In a move that anybody could have predicted, but nobody did, the Producers Guild of America has expanded their annual list of nominees to 10. Here is a snippet from the press release, discussion after the jump:

LOS ANGELES (September 21, 2009) –The Producers Guild of America announced today that the 2010 PGA Awards nominations in the Darryl F. Zanuck Producer of the Year Award in Theatrical Motion Pictures Category will be expanded from five to ten films. The 10 nominees will be announced on Tuesday, January 5, 2010. The 21st Annual PGA Awards ceremony will take place on Sunday, January 24, 2010.

The PGA board approved the expansion of our Best Produced Picture category nominations to support our colleagues at the Academy, but also because we feel it better represents the unprecedented diversity of films being produced today,” said PGA President Marshall Herskovitz.

This doesn’t surprise me as the Producers Guild is proud of the fact that they are a significant precursor. If they didn’t expand their list of nominees to ten, then people couldn’t make their side by side lists comparing the Oscars and the PGA. My only hope is that the other guilds don’t feel the need to follow suit. After all, the SAG Best Ensemble category is also usually considered a major Best Picture precursor. It wouldn’t be a big deal if that category went to ten, but if the other acting categories follow suit it would be a big deal.

I’m confident that this will be the only other 10 nominee expansion this year. However, in years to come the Golden Globes and other major precursors might follow suit. It all depends on how popular this year’s change is when all is said and done.

Speaking of the Producers Guild, in their press release they also mention their significant dates for the 21st Annual PGA Awards:

November 6, 2009:    Deadline for Receipt of NOTICE OF CREDITS and PRODUCER ELIGIBILITY Forms for Theatrical Motion Pictures

December 7, 2009:     Polls Open for Theatrical Motion Picture and Long-Form Television Nominations

January 4, 2010:        Polls Close for Theatrical Motion Picture and Long-Form Television Nominations

January 5, 2010:        Producers Guild Awards Nominees Are Announced; Final Polls Open

January 22, 2010:      Final Polls Close

January 24, 2010:      Producers Guild Awards

[Source: Awards Daily]

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