Producers Guild of America Nominates ‘Bridesmaids’ and ‘Dragon Tattoo’ for 2011 Awards

Today the Producers Guild of America announced their annual nominations for Best Film and Best Animated Film of the year. Unlike in year’s past the number of nominees for the PGA Award and the Academy Best Picture award are not likely to match up because of the new voting system implemented by the Academy. This makes the group less reliable as an Oscar precursor than they have been in the past. While we know which ten films the group favors, we have no idea which order they prefer them.

There were a few surprises on their list that were not high on many people’s Best Picture predictions including David Fincher’s The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and Paul Feig’s Bridesmaids. Other more expected films made the cut like Midnight in Paris, Hugo, The Artist, and War Horse. The Ides of March was once thought to be out of the race, but it has enjoyed a late surge with this and a few other nominations. It seems too appropriate that the PGA would recognize Clooney’s film on the same day as the Iowa Caucus.

All five films that received SAG Best Ensemble nominations were also nominated for Best Picture by the PGA. The most surprising of those is Bridesmaids, which is looking like a stronger Best Picture candidate than ever. Terence Malick’s The Tree of Life was snubbed altogether by the PGA, which shows that it clearly has more influence with critics than with the Academy. Bridesmaids or The Ides of March may be more likely to fill that 7th or 8th spot than Malick’s film.

However, for all we know Bridesmaids squeaked in as the groups 10th pick and The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo was their first choice. I doubt that was the case, but with all the uncertainty this year there is plenty of opportunity for a film to make a last minute surge. The recently established assumption seems to be that there will be 7 or 8 Best Picture nominees and there is no reason that a film that was not nominated by the PGA could still make it into to the Academy’s top ten. I’m thinking something like Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy or The Tree of Life. It’s a confusing year and you know…I kind of like it.

Check out the complete list of nominees below. Head over to Deadline if you’re interested in seeing the television nominees.

Darryl F. Zanuck Producer of the Year
Award in Theatrical Motion Pictures

Producer: Thomas Langmann

Producers: Judd Apatow, Barry Mendel, Clayton Townsend

Producers: Jim Burke, Alexander Payne, Jim Taylor

Producers: Ceán Chaffin, Scott Rudin

Producers: Michael Barnathan, Chris Columbus, Brunson Green

Producers: Graham King, Martin Scorsese

Producers: George Clooney, Grant Heslov, Brian Oliver

Producers: Letty Aronson, Stephen Tenenbaum

Producers: Michael De Luca, Rachael Horovitz, Brad Pitt

Producers: Kathleen Kennedy, Steven Spielberg

Producer of the Year Award in
Animated Theatrical Motion Pictures

Producers: Peter Jackson, Kathleen Kennedy, Steven Spielberg

Producer: Denise Ream

Producer: Melissa Cobb

Producers: Joe M. Aguilar, Latifa Ouaou

Producers: John B. Carls, Gore Verbinski

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  • i am really surprised by Bridesmaids, The Ides Of March and The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo nominations …. not that i am against them in anyway but why no Harry Potter??? and they also nominated Cars 2 ????

    i am so worried for the Oscar race this year …. major disappointments !!!

  • Dylan Cuellar

    The Producers Guild should have never nominated Cars 2. It was, in my opinion, a complete and utter failure. But please, someone explain to me why the wonderful animated movie “Winnie the Pooh” can’t seem to ever get nominated for any “Best Animation” category. It’s sweet, charming, nostalgic, innocent, everything you would want in an animated movie.

  • I don’t think ‘Bridesmaids’ was all that unanticipated, but I don’t see it as Best Picture play either. Screenplay is its best bet for Oscar night.

    If Malick doesn’t make it with the DGA, I’m gonna give up any hope I ever had at it making a play in major categories though. But they are more likely to go for it. Not that I’m convinced they will either. You’re right. This is damn confusing.

    The big disappointment for me here is no ‘Drive.’ I’ve been in good faith that it would make a Best Picture and/or Director play since before I saw it. It needed to be here though. Damn.

    Thrilled about ‘Dragon Tattoo’ though.

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