//Quick Takes – 02.06.10

Quick Takes – 02.06.10

Micmacs (2010)

Grade: B | 1st Viewing

Few filmmakers employ as much imagination in their films as Jean-Pierre Jeunet, director of Amelie and A Very Long Engagement. His latest film Micmacs about an eccentric group of misfits that rails against two famous arms dealers is no different. The influences from Jacques Tati to Marcel Marcieu are clearly present making for a surrealist journey that is endlessly fun to partake of.

However, for all its whimsy it feels less significant than Jeunet’s earlier films. Thematically it is rather simple and it often glosses over the opportunity to make a political statement, opting instead for silly comedic bits. This is the type of subject matter where some sort of politics would have been appropriate.

The Social Network (2010)

Grade: A- | 3rd Viewing

There was nothing revelatory in my third viewing of David Fincher’s critical darling. I still think it is one of the finest movies of 2010, but not THE finest. I still think that Armie Hammer out-performs any of the other supporting actors with his fantastic sense of smugness and his pitch-perfect line-readings that contribute to much of the film’s comedy. Andrew Garfield is fine, but overall his performance is too one-note and he says most of his lines as if masking tears, which gets a little old after a while.

Hammer definitely does not out-perform Jessie Eisenberg, however, who I’m convinced was born to play the Aaron Sorkin version of Mark Zuckerberg. If Sorkin’s rapid dialogue were delivered by just about anybody else it would be badly overplayed, but Eisenberg has such control that it just adds to his characters’ neurosis.

Super Bowl XLV (2011)

Normally I never include anything non-film related on the Quick Takes, but I had to find the appropriate place to give a shout out to my Green Bay Packers. Having supported the team since I was a young boy (including a Packers themed bedroom) I was elated at the result of the Super Bowl last night. Words cannot express the feeling of pure joy that comes when your team wins it all. Go Pack Go!

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