Quick Takes – 07.24.11

Night and Fog (1955)

Grade: A | 1st Viewing

I only had the chance to see one movie this week because I was excessively busy. However, I made sure the one film I saw would count with Alain Resnais’ tragic documentary short about the aftermath of the Holocaust. Filmed 10 years after the tragedy the film splices together 1955 original footage of the concentration camps with archival footage of the devastation. It is by far the most effective Holocaust movie I have ever seen in the sense that it is able to bring an insight into the devastation that I have never seen before. The people in the concentration camps are more thin and gaunt than any Hollywood actor is able to become and the footage of frail dead bodies being bulldozed into mass graves will haunt me for weeks.

The film does much more than simply present a harrowing portrayal of a terrible event. It shows how the effects of a tragedy can infect a people, a community, and a country for years that follow. The concentration camps look like they haven’t been used in a century until Resnais cuts to a scene that took place just 10 years ago. It reveals the true evil that man can possess and points the blame at a whole community, rather than one individual.

What movies did you see this week?

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  • Asif Khan

    movies i saw last week :)

    1. Horrible Bosses – B-
    2. Transformers: Dark of the Moon – D+
    3. Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2 – A+
    4. Adaptation – A-
    5. Casino Royale (2nd watch)- A-

  • Jose


    Really different from the usual vampire movies (heck that word word isn’t even used in the movie) and it felt different, and yet the same as Del Toro’s other movies. And the fact that it was so quiet in so many ways made me forget how his last film was the loud (but badass) Hellboy II.

    Winnie the Pooh (2011)
    Words can’t even describe how I felt throughout the film, so I’ll let the emoticon speak for itself.

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