QUICK TAKES – 08.08.10

Kick-Ass (2010)

Grade: B- | 1st Viewing

The film was intentionally cliché in its presentation of a superhero origin story in order to satirize the glut of comic book adaptations. However, I think the film lost its way towards the final act when it abandoned satire and became a straight action story. The film was witty and had smart dialogue and an interesting story, which made it watchable, but it’s not one I’d recommend for you to rush out and rent.

I also found myself wishing that it was more Hit Girl and Big Daddy’s story than the awkward loser to hero focus. Aaron Johnson was likeable enough as the protagonist, but I quickly got bored by the rivalry between Kick-Ass and Red Mist and was more interested in the father/daughter psychology of Hit Girl and Big Daddy. I wouldn’t be surprised if the former got her own sequel spin-off as Chloe Moretz’s Hit Girl completely stole every scene.

Despicable Me (2010)

Grade: C | 2nd Viewing

Let me start by defending my next two entries. My 8-year old cousin was in town for the weekend and she had never been to the drive-in movie theatre. I was happy to endure the dismal double feature in order to introduce the young lady to one of my favorite pastimes.

The second time around Despicable Me didn’t inspire any more laughs than it did on the first viewing. I also realized the second time around how wasted the star-studded voice cast was. I didn’t realize until the second time around that Kirsten Wiig, Miranda Cosgrove, Jemaine Clement, or Danny McBride were even in the film. This new trend of enlisting big name actors just to play bit voice-acting roles is getting sort of ridiculous.

Cats and Dogs: The Revenge of Kitty Galore (2010)

Grade: D- | 1st Viewing

Even heading into this movie with incredibly low expectations, it was a dismal disappointment. Once again a rather star-studded voice acting cast was wasted on a movie that seemed to be only made in order for the screenwriters to cart out every tired feline or canine pun that exists. The movie wasn’t even excited enough to keep my 8-year old cousin interested as she fell asleep halfway through.

Another thing the film does that makes me truly hate it is present the characters as racial stereotypes. They make the “races” of the different characters very obvious by writing dialogue for a dog to speak ebonics or with a latino accent. It makes me curious what lesson children are supposed to get from the film exactly.

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  • Completely agree that Cage and Moretz stole the movie. B- seems fair, although I’d personally give it a B. I too was disappointed by the ending, although I did enjoy some of the action scenes (the strobe light shootout was awesome).

  • Jose

    Apperantly, the sequel will be m ore focused on Hit-Girl, yet Kick-Ass will still be there. I gave it a B+ and found it to be a better superhero movie than “Iron Man 2”

    This weekend I watched “Psycho” (1960) and “The Seventh Seal”, you know a movie is awesome when you watch them 3 times in a row in one day and don’t get bored. Both get A’s.

  • I’m still not sure what people see in “Psycho”. It’s a good movie, but truly terrifying it isn’t. Perhaps that’s because the shower scene is now so famous that I knew it was coming, but I don’t think so. Great acting by Anthony Perkins, though. Let’s say B+ for that one.

    As for “The Seventh Seal”, that one is so an A. Wonderful movie.

  • Quinn

    I love “Psycho” definitely an A. This week I saw “Goodfellas” for the first time. A-. It was excellent. “Despicable Me” was better than a C, I think. I give a B maybe even B+. Did anyone see “Knight and Day”? I did. It was good, better than I expected, but not great. B-.

  • Quinn

    Ummm… That’s just a bit odd.

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