Quick Takes – 09.25.11

Brick (2006)

Grade: A | 5th+ Viewing

I saw nine movies in the theater over the past seven days, so needless to say I had little time for movies at home. However, I was glad that I fit in a viewing of one of my favorite independent movies of all-time: the funny and brilliant high school-set noir film Brick. Rian Johnson’s film is definitely one that merits several viewings, as the first time through most time has to be spent unraveling the parts of the mystery (with a great payoff, I might add).

Upon subsequent viewings I was able to pay more attention to the wonderful things he was doing with the camera and mise-en-scene. The costume work often gets ignored in contemporary independent films, but designer Michele Posch does a fantastic job giving each character a color scheme that fits their persona – white for the muscles, black for the scheming kingpin, red for the femme fatale, and Brendan, the detective, in a neutral tan. As much as I love Joseph Gordon-Levitt in the 50/50 or (500) Days of Summer I do wish he would do these serious, confident roles more often.

What movies did you see this week?

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  • “Suspiria” (B+) – One of the more visually striking films I’ve ever seen, and legitimately scary in places as well. The other elements (story, acting, dialogue, etc.) leave a bit to be desired, but in spite of the flaws this is still an unforgettable experience.

    “sex, lies, and videotape” (A-) – The ending’s maybe a little too pat for this type of a story, but the performances (from James Spader in particular) are fascinating and the intimate filming style enthralling. Excellent.

  • 1. Election – (B+) funny enough with good screenplay.

    2. OldBoy – (A-) disturbing, shocking and one of the best revenge thrillers ever.

    3. Sling Blade – (A) this movie is going in my list of 100 movies to see before you die. :D

  • I liked Brick but didn’t love it. The soundtrack though is great.

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