Reader Top 5 Hitchcock Films

The poll results are in and here are the top 5 Hitchcock film based on your votes:

5 and 4) North by Northwest and The Birds (tie)

3) Rear Window

2) Psycho

1) Vertigo

All the rest of the list was pretty close. Check it out after the jump. If you want to defend your vote, here’s the place to do it.



  • G1000

    I knew there was one thing I forgot to mention in your top 10 A.H. films. It was the absence of “The Birds”. I realize the director has made tons of terrific films, but I’m curious to know where this one ranks.

  • I was waiting for somebody to say something about that. I rented ‘The Birds’ from the library and the DVD didn’t work. I still badly need to see it, but I didn’t get the chance to before the end of Hitchcock month.

  • Isaac Richter

    That explains it. Watch it Alex, you’ll love it. It’s one of the few horror films that honestly frightened me. It doesn’t quite get going until about an hour in, but when it does, you don’t take your eyes off it.

  • Isaac Richter

    I mean The Birds, of course. There’s also a great trailer with Alfred Hitchcock introducing it, and it’s brilliant.

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