Record Weekend for ‘Precious’, ‘Christmas’ Spirits Were High


The Holiday season jumps into gear with Robert Zemeckis’s A Christmas Carol taking the number one spot at the weekend box office. The film grossed a decent $31 million, more than I had predicted largely in part to the dismal effort put forth by the wide release competition. Richard Kelly’s The Box brought in a disappointing $7.9 million and didn’t even break the top 5.

However, the big talk of the weekend is surrounding Precious, which sold out theatres in its limited release. It made a per theatre average of over $100,000, which makes it the third highest opening theatrical average in history, behind Dreamgirls and Brokeback Mountain respectively. However, it should be noted that Dreamgirls premiered in only 3 theatres and Brokeback Mountain in only 5, while Precious opened this weekend in 18. Precious‘s overall total, therefore, was much higher. This only adds to the Precious steam that has put it in the front of the Best Picture race.

After the jump view the totals and my predictions…

1) A Christmas Story – $31 million
My Prediction: #1 with $22 million

Apparently people are more ready for Christmas than I expected. It also helped that its competition had dismal openings.

2) Michael Jackson’s This Is It – $14 million
My Prediction: #2 with $17.5 million

It didn’t do quite as well as I had predicted in its final weekend, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it gets “extended by popular demand.”

3) The Men Who Stare at Goats – $13.3 million
My Prediction: #3 with $16 million

I’m sure early word about the film got out causing it to drop in its total earnings, similar to the Bruno effect.

4) The Fourth Kind – $12.5 million
My Prediction: #6 with $8 million

I always forget that not everybody thinks that films like this look as stupid as I do. No matter how bad horror films are, they always seem to find an audience.

5) Paranormal Activity – $8.6 million
My Prediction: #4 with $14.5 million

This was the number one trending film on Twitter this weekend, so I thought it would stay strong. Still it takes its total up to nearly $100 million. I don’t see it falling out of the top 10 anytime soon.

6) The Box – $7.9 million
My Prediction: #5 with $11 million

I really shouldn’t have expected much from this film, but it had a decent enough publicity campaign so I thought it might have one decent week. Guess not.

7) Couples Retreat – $6.4 million
My Prediction: #9 with $4 million

This film only lost half of a percentage point compared to its last week gross despite a slight decline in theatre count. I guess it was a big date weekend?

8) Law Abiding Citizen – $6.2 million
My Prediction: #7 with $7.5 million

So much for staying power. This one had a moderate drop from last week after holding on strong three weeks in a row.

9) Where the Wild Things Are – $4.2 million
My Prediction: #8 with $6 million

The Wild Things have been a pretty big disappointment at the box office. The film is just barely going to recoup its budget.

10) Astro Boy – $2.6 million
My Prediction: Not in Top 10

This family film narrowly hung on to beat Saw VI this weekend.

View the Full Charts at Box Office Mojo.

I did much better on the predictions this week than last time, having not missed any ranking by more than two spots. Overall the weekend total increased by 34% as we head into the holiday money-making season.

Look for 2012 to apocalyptically destroy the Box Office next weekend.

[Source for Stats: indieWIRE]

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2 Responses to Record Weekend for ‘Precious’, ‘Christmas’ Spirits Were High

  1. Jordan Sunday, November 8, 2009 at 5:40 pm #

    The Box is not Richard Linklater, but it is Richard Kelly.

  2. Alex Carlson Monday, November 9, 2009 at 12:27 am #

    Duh, silly me. Thanks for pointing that out.

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