RIP Henry Gibson, 1935 – 2009


These things usually happen in threes and Henry Gibson is the latest celebrity to pass away this week (following Swayze and preceding Mary from Peter, Paul, and Mary). I thought it appropriate to do a little write-up about Gibson because of his numerous appearance in Robert Altman films and being that this is Altman month.

Gibson appeared in three successful Altman films in his life – Nashville, A Perfect Couple, and The Long Goodbye. The best of his performances comes in the latter film where he plays faux-psychiatrist Dr. Verringer. One of the best scenes in the film is spurred by Gibson’s interruption of a party scene. A moment from that scene is visible about 1:42 into this trailer for the film. (After the jump…)

My other favorite film role of Gibson’s was the unforgettable Nazi in The Blues Brothers. He has also appeared in Paul Thomas Anderson’s Magnolia, Jerry Lewis’s The Nutty Professor, and more recently Wedding Crashers. He was one of those actors who you never noticed how brilliant they were unless you pay close attention. His use of subtlety is stupendous and he was a truly gifted performer.

For a nice write up on the story check out this article in the Orlando Sentinel.

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