Rumor: Oscar is Trying to Woo Jackman Back as Host


Despite recently winning the Emmy and (in my opinion) being one of the best ceremonies in the last decade, the 2009 Oscar telecast received the lowest ratings in its long history. The obvious problem was the movies. Oscar went more “elite” than ever by nominating films with some of the lowest Box Office totals of the year. Even host Hugh Jackman comically confessed that “he hadn’t seen The Reader.” The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences board of governors is attempting a complete overhaul with this year’s Oscars in an attempt to revive the viewership. The biggest change, as you all know, is expanding the number of Best Picture nominees to 10 with the hopes of attracting a more diverse audience.

However, they are not doing everything differently. Rumors are flying about that the board is talking to Hugh Jackman’s publicists and trying to get the song and dance man to return for hosting duties for a second year. These of course are only rumors because they have yet to hire a producer or director for this year’s telecast and traditionally no hosting talk is discussed until those positions are on board. Anne Thompson at her Thompson on Hollywood blog has written a nice piece about producer/director speculation.

I would love to see Jackman return as the host for this year’s ceremony. When the emphasis is on entertainment, rather than jokes I think it works really well. Jackman was vibrant whether he was or wasn’t singing/dancing and he had great support from comedians and actors (and Janusz Kaminski) to provide the laughs.

However, as I doubt Jackman will continue to return here are some other hosts I would love to see:

Tina Fey – She is so hot right now. She was hilarious with Steve Martin last year in their bit about script writing and would easily be able to carry the ceremony on her own. Perhaps a duo of her and Alec Baldwin, or even better Steve Carrell would also do nicely. Not to mention this is a year for powerful women.

Jim Broadbent – He’s probably not popular enough to be an option, but I could watch Jim Broadbent do anything. He can sing, which would be perfect for musical number. Since he’s such a character actor, I would love to just see him changing characters instead of changing outfits throughout the ceremony.

Ricky Gervais – I would love to see how many people he can offend in one ceremony. He’s not afraid to hold his tongue even in the presence of some of the biggest stars.

Larry David – You know he would improvise the entire ceremony, which would be brilliant. Here’s a better idea – have Larry David and Ricky Gervais co-host. It would be like the comedy dream team.

Who do you think should be the host of this year’s Oscars?

[Source: Deadline Hollywood Daily, Thompson on Hollywood]


  • martha

    Hugh Jackman of course! He was amazing and hilarious!

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