SATURDAY DISCUSSION: What is the greatest extent you’ve ever gone to see a movie?

It’s storm season in Minnesota and I definitely got a taste of the fury that mother nature can bring in an experience two weeks ago. I was on my way to see Winter’s Bone at one of the local art house theatres in Minneapolis with my wife and mother-in-law. The skies were cloudy, but nothing overly concerning and we had not paid attention to the forecast when we took to the road. Shortly after the departure the rain started coming down. It went from light rain to absolute downpour to hailstorm in a period of about 5 minutes. Fearing for what the hail might do my Honda I pulled under a bridge for safety.

I stepped out of the vehicle for one minute just to check out the damage and re-entered the car completely drenched from head to toe. Within minutes there were no cars on the road and about 2 dozen had joined us under the bridge. There appeared to be a sheet of rain on either side of the bridge and the visibility was zero. The most concerning part was the water level that was getting higher and higher. Cars that were closer to the center of the bridge were submerged in about 2 and a half feet of water. It was higher than the level of their tires. It took about 20 minutes for the water to clear out enough to exit the bridge.

The photo above I snapped from the driver’s side window when the water level was low enough to leave the bridge. We had to make the decision whether or not to plow forward to the movie or return home. We ended up making it to the theatre just in time for the opening credits.

So here is my question for Saturday discussion: what is the greatest extent you’ve ever gone to see a movie? Ever sneak out of the house for a midnight showing? Survive a mother nature endeavor? Share your stories!


  • raguabros

    Going to the theater at 10:30 pm to watch Inglourious Basterds after a day of university. I fell asleep halfway, had to go see it again and it turned out to be my favorite movie of last year.

  • Andrew R.

    Midnight screening of Rocky Horror Picture Show…never again. I love the movie, but never again.

  • Davin

    Did you see it at Uptown? I think I saw it that same day… this is weird.

  • Yeah, the Landmark Uptown. You survived the storm as well?

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