See How They Did the Visual Effects on ‘Chronicle’

With advances in technology, the barrier to entry for producing a film is becoming smaller and smaller. Films can literally be shot, edited, and published with a smart phone and even established filmmakers like Park Chan-wook are experimenting with the new technology. This is a very positive thing for a few reasons. For one, it allows filmmakers to save money on equipment and focus a film’s budget on things like actors and mise-en-scene. Also, it allows for young, visionary filmmakers who were previously unable to acquire funds to produce a film at relatively low cost.

Chronicle is an example of a recent film that demonstrates the ever-changing economic barriers to filmmaking. Despite being a studio film, it was made for a modest $12 million and utilized various low-budget techniques to create a very big-budget feel. Now an independent YouTube channel called OxSADEKxO (via /Film) has published a break down of how the effects in Chronicle were made, and how you can do them with your own editing software. Check out the video below for some interesting effects work.

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