//So I saw a good movie this weekend…

So I saw a good movie this weekend…

So I saw an excellent movie this weekend. Everybody was talking about it, so I thought I had better check it out and I was not disappointed. One of the best parts was the fascinating story.

It was about this guy from a technologically advanced society, who travels to a new world looking for adventure.

The people in the world that he inhabits live a life that is dependent and glorifying of nature. They are far less technologically advanced than the world where the man comes from and they are mostly nonviolent. They happen to inhabit an area that is rich with a substance that the people of that man’s world want, so the man is influenced by an evil force to help find a way to get it.

The man’s society represents the negative influence of the military-industrial complex and he is torn between his duty to his people and his desire for adventure. The man enters the new world with no fear and soon meets a woman whose fate he is destined to be a part of.

The Woman happens to be the daughter of the chief of the village and she takes on the difficult task of training The Man in the ways of the native people. The Man is stubborn and difficult at first, but gradually he begins to let go and immerse himself in the ways of the native people. Among the natives, however, is the warrior that The Woman is arranged to marry and this warrior and the man from the outside are constantly in conflict.

Despite spending most of his time with the native people, The Man frequently checks in with his own people, one of whom is a slightly nerdy guy who looks up to The Man.

The Man spends more and more time with the Native woman until a fondness develops. That fondness turns into an infatuation, and eventually it becomes full-scale love.

Whenever the Native people need spiritual guidance they go to a special tree that they view as sacred and it gives them wisdom through their ancestors.

The two cultures find it more and more difficult to co-exist and the more technological superior society uses their might to attack the peaceful natives. The Native society no longer trusts The Man and when he attempts to re-enter their society, they capture him, tie him up and use him as leverage. The two sides erupt in a bloody battle and eventually The Man and Woman save everybody. I don’t want to reveal the ending too much of the ending, but you should see it.

It was a good movie.

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