Special Commenter Appreciation Thread 2011

Last year at the end of July I made a post to appreciate the commenters at Film Misery. At the time we had about 1,200 comments and the highest commenter had 250 comments and there were only two commenters with over 100 comments. One year later Film Misery has 4,225 comments posted and 7 commenters with over 100 comments (not including me and Davin). It is time again to show my appreciation for all of the people who inspire excellent conversations about film every week on this website.

Some of the most intelligent and original observations on cinema come from the commenters on this website. It is the wonderful people who post their opinions here day in and day out that gives me motivation to continue posting. It would take too long to individually acknowledge everybody who has contributed to the conversations on this website, so I am forced to highlight a select few. Know, however, that every comment is valued and I can’t thank everybody enough for reading, sharing, and supporting Film Misery.

Davin Lacksonen (86 Posts, 237 Comments) – Before recognizing the commenters, I wanted to give a special shout-out to regular contributor Davin. He is an incredibly talented writer and I feel privileged that one of his first film writing ventures is for Film Misery. I always look forward to Davin’s posts as he writes with intelligence and a unique perspective.

Jose (658 Comments) – Not only does Jose have the most comments here on Film Misery, but he also regularly posts to our Facebook page. He has a generally optimistic attitude towards most films and is always quick to correct me when I make a mistake. His comments are personal and I really enjoy hearing about his ventures in cinema and life (like his recent trip to Spain).

Greg/G1000 (483 Comments) – Greg has been posting on Film Misery since the beginning and I always look forward to his opinions, especially on film reviews. His detailed comments on the weekly Quick Takes feature are among the best and they often give me some great recommendations. Greg writes on his own blog Screen Ramblings, which is definitely worth checking out.

Brandon Cooley (233 Comments) – Like Greg, Brandon has also been posting to Film Misery for a long time and although we often disagree (see Harry Potter) I always value his opinion. He also does his own writing over at Amateur Film Critics.

Duncan Houst (144 Comments) – I haven’t kept track, but I think we may have read Duncan’s responses to our Question of the Week more than any others on the Film Misery podcast. That is not only due to his constant presence in the Film Misery comments section, but also due to him being so articulate and insightful. Check out Duncan’s musings on his blog High on Celluloid.

Asif Khan (69 Comments) – I should really pay Asif Khan for all the free marketing he gives Film Misery. It seems like almost every new post he likes, shares, and comments either here or on Facebook. Life would be wonderful if everybody were as enthusiastic as Asif.

Angel E. (46 Comments) – The brilliant Angel E. may end up competing for the top spot in the Daily Trivia Contest as he seems to be unstumpable. Angel is also often the first to get the Quote of the Day. Very insightful.

Weird Dave (35 Comments) – Podcast co-host Phil Kollar and I have discussed whether we should dedicate whole segments of our show to the questions posed by Weird Dave. He is one of the most unique commenters that Film Misery has ever had and he is responsible for inciting some of the best discussions. Even if everybody were to stop listening to our Podcast we will keep recording as long as we have Weird Dave.

There are dozens of commenters that I missed and I want to make sure everyone knows that I appreciate each and every one of you. I promise to keep Film Misery going strong as long as you’re around to post your responses, questions, opinions, and arguments.


  • Asif Khan

    oh thaks alot :D well i made the list gr8 ….. i love this site so much .. you ppl doing a gr8 job.

  • Thanks Alex! You’re not so bad yourself! I’m glad this site is another place I can go to argue upon films with people who are also inexplicably fascinated.

  • Thanks. And thanks as well for this wonderful site.

  • Jose

    Thanks, and keep it up with the site.

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