Stephen Colbert Tears Into Roland Emmerich

Last night in his ‘Movies That Are Destroying America’ segment, Stephen Colbert rips into Roland Emmerich’s 2012 and the mindless CGI that has taken over popular movies. The segment starts with a kind of funny review of G.I. Joe, then an offensively hilarious Orphan-bashing piece, then he gets to his tongue-in-cheek praise of 2012. Best part of the clip: “As the ad campaign says: The Mayans Warned Us…assuming they warned us that one day computer graphics would strip movies of any plot or characterization and turn them into mindless orgies of destruction porn.”

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Movies That Are Destroying America – Summer

Why I think this was important and Colbert’s Meryl Streep interview after the jump…

My brother is a personal trainer. He went to school to be a personal trainer and he is good at it. My mom wanted to get back into working out. She asked my brother how she should get started and he told her what to do. My mom didn’t take most of his advice because “he’s a personal trainer and he’s only saying what he’s ‘supposed to say’, not what’s best for me.” Later on Oprah (or some other generic show that women watch), a trainer was telling people to do exactly what my brother had told my mom to do. This time my mom believed it because somebody on TV, with clout said it. My brother was frustrated, but my mom started the workout routine.

This is the way I feel about Stephen Colbert’s comments. He just said what many movie critics have been saying for years. I imagine the average person is thinking like my mom – “you’re just a movie critic saying what you’re ‘supposed to say’.” However, when somebody like Stephen Colbert says it, they’ll believe it because he’s on TV. He has clout.

I don’t know if Stephen Colbert will actually have any effect on the movie-going population, but my hope is with those words, there will be one fewer ticket bought for G.I. Joe this weekend and for 2012 when it eventually comes out.

Stephen Colbert also interviewed Meryl Streep and she was fantastic. How can anybody not adore this woman? Her laugh is so genuine and despite the fact that she is the greatest actress of her generation, there is no sense of superiority.

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Meryl Streep

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  • G1000

    Farily amusing, but not as downright hysterical as Roger Ebert’s “Transformers 2” review. Check that one out if you want to read some brutal criticsm that never lets up. I prefer the “Daily Show” to “Colbert” any day as well. Let’s have Jon Stewart do a segment like this. That would be even better.

  • Rob

    What can I say, you’re both totally right. And I’m sorry that your mother is a complete sheepling moron.

  • Colbert is the best at what he does!

  • Brilliant satire and commentary…but I’m not going to apologize for liking to see some brutally reviewed movies.

    I know some things are just ridiculous, but I also don’t mind admitting I enjoy movies like Transformers and may check out G.I. Joe: Rise of the CGI Special Effects on XBOX 360.

    It’s my money…and I’m spending it on what I want to.

    If that makes me what’s “wrong with movies”…fine.

    Sure movies like The Hurt Locker, (500) Days of Summer, and Funny People were on the top of my “summer to do list”, but so are a few cheesy, poorly acted, action-heavy blockbusters.

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